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Air Receiver

Air receiver (Painted/stainless ASME Certificate)
Compressor air tank, compressor tank, pressure tank, air storage in ISO, ASME certificates
From 0.3m3to 500m3 in 115psig to 1450psig.

compressor tank,
 pressure tank
Compressor air tank

Key Benefits of Air Receiver

  • Pressure stabilization: beneficial for pneumatic tools using compressed air
  • Storage: handling high air consumption
  • Pulsation reduction
  • Velocity reduction
  • Temperature reduction
  • Improvement of the life, reliability, and functionality of your compressor
  • Condensate separation
Our Worthington Creyssensac air receivers are available in 2 types.
  • Painted  vessels
  • Stainless  vessels
Air receiver(Painted/stainless ASME Cetificate)
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