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Rotary Screw Compressor

rotary screw air compressor

What is rotary screw air compressor?

Screw air compressors are volumetric compressors that achieve gas compression by gradually reducing the working volume.
The working volume of the screw-type air compressor is composed of a pair of slots of rotors that are placed parallel to each other and mesh with each other, and a casing that accommodates the pair of rotors.
During the operation of the screw type air compressor, the teeth of the two rotors are inserted into each other's cog grooves, and as the rotor rotates, the teeth inserted into the other tooth slot move toward the exhaust end, so that the volume enclosed by the other tooth is gradually reduced, and the pressure is gradually increased until it reaches the limit. When the required pressure is applied, the spout side communicates with the exhaust port to achieve the exhaust.

The working principle and structure of the rotary screw compressor:

1. Inhalation process:
The screw-type intake side suction port must be designed so that the compression chamber can fully inhale, and the screw type air compressor does not have inlet and exhaust valve groups, and the intake air only relies on the opening and closing adjustment of a regulating valve.

When the rotor rotates, the space between the tooth space of the primary and secondary rotors turns to the opening of the inlet end wall, and the space is the largest. At this time, the tooth space of the rotor communicates with the free air of the air inlet port, because the tooth groove is exhausted. The air is completely exhausted. At the end of the exhaust, the tooth groove is in a vacuum state. When it is turned into the air inlet, the outside air is sucked in and flows axially into the tooth grooves of the main and sub rotors. Screw air compressor maintenance reminds when the air fills the entire tooth groove, the air intake side end surface of the rotor turns away from the air inlet of the housing, and the air between the tooth grooves is closed.

2. Closed and conveying process:
When the two rotors of the main and auxiliary rotors are at the end of inhalation, the tooth peaks of the main and auxiliary rotors will be closed with the casing. At this moment, the air is no longer outflowing in the tooth gaps, that is, the [closed process].
The two rotors continue to rotate, their tooth peaks coincide with the tooth grooves at the suction end, and the matching surface gradually moves toward the discharge end.

3. Compression and injection process:
In the transport process, the meshing surface gradually moves toward the exhaust end, that is, the tooth groove between the meshing surface and the exhaust port gradually decreases, the gas in the tooth groove is gradually compressed, and the pressure is increased, which is the [compression process]. At the same time, the lubricant is also injected into the compression chamber due to the pressure difference and mixed with the chamber air.

4. the exhaust process:
When the screw drive air compressor is repaired, the meshing end surface of the rotor is turned to communicate with the exhaust of the casing, (at this time the pressure of the compressed gas is the highest), the compressed gas starts to discharge until the meshing surface of the tooth peak and the tooth groove moves to the exhaust at the end face, the tooth space between the two rotor engagement surfaces and the housing exhaust port is zero, which is completed (exhaust process).
At the same time, the length of the tooth gap between the rotor engagement surface and the housing inlet is the longest, the inhalation process is in progress.
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Screw compressors types:

Screw compressors are divided into open, semi-closed, fully enclosed.
Shanghai rotorcomp air compressor belongs to fully enclosed screw compressor:
The body adopts high-quality, low-porosity cast iron structure with small thermal deformation; the body adopts a double-wall structure with exhaust passages, high strength, and good noise reduction effect; the internal and external forces are basically balanced, without open and semi-closed The risk of high pressure; the shell is steel structure, high strength, beautiful appearance, lightweight.

With a vertical structure, the small footprint of the industrial rotary screw air compressor is beneficial to the multi-head arrangement of the chiller; the bearing is immersed in the oil groove and the bearing lubrication is good; the axial force of the rotor is reduced by 50% compared to the semi-closed and open type (exhaust-side motor shaft Balanced function); no horizontal motor cantilever risk, high reliability; to avoid screw rotor, slide valve, motor rotor weight impact on the accuracy of the match, improve reliability; assembly process is good.

No oil pump screw vertical design so that the compressor will not run out of oil or lack of oil.
The lower bearing is immersed in the oil tank as a whole.
The upper bearing adopts differential pressure for oil supply; the pressure difference to the system is lower, and in case of emergency, the bearing lubrication protection function avoids bearing oil lubrication and is beneficial to the opening of the transitional season unit.

ROTORCOMP Rotary VSD Screw Compressor

Principle of Vector Control VSD Technology:

The integrated flux vector control of the inverter system makes it possible to achieve high torques, even at low motor speeds. The sensor-less vector control system of the INV series enables fast, high-precision speed and torque regulation. Fast response/high accuracy speed control (zero speed control, servo lock), torque control and position control can be performed. Vector control frequency inverter offers excellent control characteristics when compared to traditional V/F control and other control techniques, achieving the control characteristics equal to those of DC machines.
variable speed drive air compressor

VSD Compressed Air Systems

permanent magnet motor

Permanent Magnet Motor
Permanent magnet motor using high-performance NdFeB permanent magnet, 120 ℃ without losing the magnetic, life over 15 years.
Hollow coil with special frequency corona enameled wire, insulation performance, longer service life.
Can achieve soft start, run, the motor current will not exceed the full load current, at the same time, greatly reducing the impact on the grid equipment, electricity equipment will not cause damage.

Permanent Magnet Frequency Converter

Permanent Magnet Frequency Converter
Pneumatic stability: As the frequency of the screw air compressor using the inverter's stepless speed characteristics, through the controller or the inverter inside the PID regulator, can start gently; on the gas fluctuations in the larger occasions, but also fast Adjust the response.

Start without impact: As the inverter itself contains the soft start function, the starting current maximum rated current within 1.2 times, and the frequency of the general start in the rated current of more than 6 times compared to start the impact of small; Not only the power grid, the impact of the entire mechanical system, but also greatly reduced.

Permanent Magnet Frequency Converter

Perfect Monitoring System
Screw air compressor control system using intelligent microcomputer monitoring system, in order to meet the needs of the Chinese market, touch panel, stable and reliable, easy to operate, the operator without special training, only need to start and stop operation. Aurie series screw air compressor unit with automatic loading and unloading, automatic adjustment of the air intake, saving you energy. Unit with fault automatic diagnosis, display, alarm, protection and other functions. Can work in unattended 24 hours.

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air compressor types

The Advantage of Variable Speed Air Compressor

Keep The Peace of Your Mind

  • Low noise
Normal operation 67db, low operating noise to make it more suitable for the occasion

  • Self-displacement control
In the output of the displacement control function, the inverter in the constant power output, a pressure automatically corresponds to a maximum frequency, making the inverter running at a lower target pressure can provide more flat gas, and at higher target pressure Safe operation does not exceed power.

  • Industrial housekeeper function
Shanghai Rotorcomp compressor system, according to your factory work time pre-set the weekly work schedule, the compressor will be set in accordance with the set of work schedule, on-time automatic boot and shutdown, the real equipment to achieve 24 hours without On duty.

rotary screw compressor for sale

Save Your Money
  • Intelligent PID function
To prevent the rapid changes in gas consumption time and space compressor system of frequent loading and unloading, to extend system life. The function of the pressure under the PID control more sensitive and controllable, even in the case of large changes in gas consumption, but also to prevent excessive unloading air compressor. Reduce the energy consumption due to changes in the larger problems caused by the compressor too late to reduce the speed and waste of energy

  • Eliminate useless power loss
The pressure sensor detects the pressure of the exhaust port and transmits the signal to the PLC. The PLC controls the output frequency of the inverter according to the pressure of the pressure sensor. When the pressure is large, reduce the frequency; when the pressure is small, increase the frequency so that the pressure is always constant. Compressor through the inverter to control the permanent magnet motor speed so that the composition of a frequency closed-loop control system to achieve constant pressure gas supply, multi-purpose production, less with less production, do not have to stop, useful soft start gas, completely put an end to the Energy loss of useless work.

Suitable for the system with large fluctuations in gas consumption, low load conditions
Frequency range from 25% -100%, the system with a large amount of gas fluctuations, energy-saving effect is more obvious

Load condition(%)

General screw air compressor electricity(Kwh)

SRCvsd air compressor consumption(Kwh)

Energy saving(Kwh)






















industrial air compressor

When buying air compressors, the traditional cost (ie, cost of purchase + maintenance costs), the proportion of only 25% of the total cost, while the energy consumption accounted for 75%. Ordinary (frequency) air compressor than ordinary (power frequency) air compressor energy saving 22-30%; Shanghai Rotorcomp variable frequency air compressor than ordinary (power frequency) air compressor energy saving 33-40%. (best screw air compressor for sale)

1. A 75KW ordinary air compressor, running 8000 hours a year, electricity 0.62 yuan / kWh, a year of electricity for the 75KW × 8000h × 0.62 yuan / (kw × h) = 372,000 yuan

2.Shanghai Rotorcomp VSD 75KW high energy-saving compressor, a year can save 35% of the electricity, a total of 372,000 yuan × 35% = 130,200 yuan;

3.The investment return period is about one year.

15 hp rotary screw air compressor

Running 8000 hours a year of rotorcomp energy efficient air compressor, power saving:
















Power saving(kw/h)















High-end NK Series Rotary Screw Compressor
advantage of rotorcomp

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High End LGFD Series Rotary Screw Compressor

Advantages of our new LGFD direct drive air compressor

Direct driven LGFD compressor

high end new designed EVO 55KW screw compressor

LGCD Direct Driven Compressor

LGCD Direct Driven Compressor System

Efficient cooling fan
Low speed, low noise, strong air volume, fully suitable for different regional temperature differences, reduce the compressor exhaust temperature, extend the life of seals and oil.

Safe and efficient air filter system
Long life design of the filter, filter area, suction resistance is small, to ensure that the intake of air without impurities

Intake valve
Stable and reliable intake control valve, through the computer, to control the displacement and motor power consumption changes with the amount of gas changes 0-100% automatically adjust the amount of time, energy saving, reduce operating costs.

Efficient oil and gas separation
Extra large volume of oil and gas bucket to make the whole system of internal pressure ratio optimization, stable gas source. Oil and gas separation effect is excellent, by cyclone separation, gravity separation, oil fine separation of three stages of oil treatment, the finished oil content of compressed air is controlled in a very desirable

Chinese and English LCD display control
1. We first provide you with a caring controller interface that will guide you to easily manipulate the air compressor to provide the air supply you need.
2. User-friendly window prompts operation, at a glance, can display, including Chinese and English, including a variety of languages, easy exchange of human-computer information, and software upgrades.
3. Real-time monitoring, storage of important information and inquiries. And with a simple text signal to tell you what needs to be done, such as the three filter life countdown function, such as you're easy to develop maintenance plan.
4. Can be more than one control, no additional configuration control system can be easily connected to the host or host computer control.
5. Excellent anti-jamming performance can work reliably in harsh conditions.

Electrical control system

High quality and reliable Schneider electrical components to ensure long-term trouble-free operation of the machine, low energy consumption design, reduce operating costs

High efficiency oil filter
More effectively filter out lubricants in the impurities and deterioration, the maximum use of the host to ensure the life

Air-cooled models - large area efficient cooling
(6-8 ℃) large oil cooler and air cooler, unique structural design and reasonable layout, low noise, its design in line with the principle of air flow, greatly increase the heat dissipation area to make the cooling effect more outstanding.

Elastic coupling
Screw main engine and the main motor between the use of flexible coupling connection, the maximum degree of operation to ensure reliable connection, high transmission efficiency, the host and the main motor of the neutral excellent, easy to carry on the oil to the maintenance, single light weight, on-site Easy to maintain.

Body shock absorber
Effectively reduce the body in the rotation of the vibration, to avoid the low-frequency noise generated by the resonance of solid resonance, while reducing noise, but also extend the life of the unit.

The world's top screw host, high efficiency, low speed, the rotor with the third generation 5: 6 tooth, the world's best profile design, low noise, low power consumption, low maintenance costs, the best reliability and usability.
Permanent magnet motor and compressor host with embedded single-axis direct structure, the structure is more compact, 100% efficiency.
Without a motor bearing, the rotor with permanent magnets is mounted directly on the extension shaft of the male rotor, which eliminates the need for bearings and eliminates the fault of the motor bearing.

Very  Competitive  Pricing
Rotorcomp direct drive air compressor
Low Capital Cost + Low Operating Cost +Exceptional Reliability 8c Efficiency =  Economical Cost

Screw rotor profile design features:
First, the curved face of the rotors engaged fully, thus contributing to the formation of a hydrodynamic lubrication film, reducing the contact zone of the lateral leakage, improve compressor efficiency; as well as to improve the processing, test performance of the rotor.
Second, using the design ideas of bigger rotor, bigger bearing, low-speed ", speed lower than other brands up to 30 ~ 50%, this could reduce noise and vibration, reducing the compressed air temperature and improve the rigidity of rotor and prolong its life, reduce sensitivity to the impurity and the oil carbide.
Third, fully meet or exceed the national standard GB19153-2003 "air compressors energy efficiency limit!

Installation of Shanghai rotorcomp direct power compressor for packing factory

LGHD High Pressure Rotary Screw Compressor

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