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High-temp Referigerated Air Dryer

Compressor dryer/Air compressor dryer/refrigerated compressed air dryer ISO, CE certificates. 1.2m3/min~400m3/min customized 30-40bar pressure with cheaper price.

Features of High-temp Refrigerated Air Dryer:

Capacity: 1.2m3/min~400m3/min                     Working Pressure: ≤13bar
Max.inlet temp: 82°C                                          Max Ambient Temp:50°C
Min.Ambient Temp: 5°C                                     Refrigerant: R22, R407C,R134A,R410A
Cooling type: Air-cooled&Water-cooled           Dew Point: 2°C ~8°C

Refrigerated Air Dryer

Description of High-temp Refrigerated Air Dryer:

1. Shanghai rotorcomp compressor dryer Using filtered liquid separator American HANKISON filter, Japanese Panasonic & Korean LG Refrigeration compressor to keep durability and stability. Gas-liquid separation effect completely to avoid secondary evaporation of moisture, cold and dry to ensure that the important role of the drying effect, it is more efficient than the cyclone separation, separation efficiency 99.99%.
2. Galvanized copper piping systems using internal working pressure 0.3-4.5MPa arbitrary choice.
3. Made of stainless steel tubing for pharmaceutical, food industry, acid and alkali corrosion.
4. As reliable compressor dryer manufacturer, Air heat exchanger using corrugated copper tube inner and outer walls, increasing the cooling capacity utilization, countercurrent structure, return temperature is good, no condensation.
5. Evaporator processing thin-walled copper tube with a hydrophilic aluminum fin, spoilers structure heat transfer efficiency in our refrigerated Air Dryer.
6. The Sewerage system of refrigerated compressed air dryer optimization. Cold and dry structure using three or more drainage, timely and effective emit large amounts of condensate and oil, and thus ensure that the system clean and dry air also reduces the system load.

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