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High-efficient Pipe Air Filter

Pipe air filter, air filter,active-carbon filter,anti-bacteria filter with 0.001micron in ISO, CE certificates.

The High-efficient Pipe Air filter cartridges are designed to remove particles, water, oil vapours, taste and odours from the compressed air.

High-efficient Imported filter elements

High-efficient Imported filter elements

Key benefits of High-efficient Pipe Air Filter:

  • Max operating pressure 20 bar(290psi)
  • Operating temperature range:1.5 to 85 ° C (35 to 190 ° F)
  • Ensuring greater efficiency and reliability
  • Less wear of distribution network and equipment
  • Simple design offering excellent performance
  • Decreased maintenance costs
  • Increased cost-effectiveness
  • Different cartridges with specific filtration qualities
The filters are available for a wide range of industrial applications, from the pharmaceutical and food industry to the chemical and packaging industry, as well as instrument and control systems. They are all easy to maintain and ensure optimal productivity with fewer breakdowns.

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