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Coupling connected air screw compressor, less energy consumption, less noise, ISO, CE certificates with a highly competitive price for various industrial projects.

Advantages of LGCD Direct Driven Screw Compressor:

1. Coupling driving system
2. Highly competitive price
3. Economic running costs
4. ISO, GA, SGS certificates

LGCD series direct-driven air screw compressor

LGFD Direct-driven Screw compressor design features

Drives and electrics

Air end block – reliable centrepiece – Design in Germany

Electric motor

LGCD Direct-driven Screw compressor design features:

First, the curved face of the rotors engaged fully, thus contributing to the formation of a hydrodynamic lubrication film, reducing the contact zone of the lateral leakage, improve compressor efficiency; as well as to improve the processing, test performance of the rotor.

Second, using the design ideas of bigger rotor, bigger bearing, low-speed ", speed lower than other brands up to 30 ~ 50%, this could reduce noise and vibration, reducing the compressed air temperature and improve the rigidity of rotor and prolong its life, reduce sensitivity to the impurity and the oil carbide.

Third, fully meet or exceed the national standard GB19153-2003 "air compressors energy efficiency limit !

1 Drives and electrics

The almost loss-free power transmission guarantees reliable, high-performance compressor operation. The regular maintenance requirement is reduced to lubrication of the motor. All the electronic components are brand products of leading
manufacturers. rives and electrics.

Drives and electrics

2 Air end block – reliable centrepiece – Design in Germany

The centrepiece of Direct-driven Screw compressor is the air end, which is constructed and manufactured with the most modern production methods in China. The optimal air end for your compressor can be used on a modulating basis. In frequency-controlled units, where the operating pressure changes, adjustments can also be made on the frequency controller to optimally adjust the speed of the compressor to the compressor performance.

Air end block – reliable centrepiece – Design in Germany

3 Electric motor

Only electric motors from well-known manufacturers of protection class IP54/IP23 are used in our Direct-driven Screw compressor. As a standard, the drive motors are monitored both thermally (via the thermistor of the motor) as well as electronically(overload protection via the frequency inverter).

 Electric motor

4 Oil separation system

LGCD Direct-driven Screw compressor up to 132 kW are equipped with external separators that can be changed in a simple spin-off/spin-on process. Larger units have an internal separator cartridge. Due to the excellent separation efficiency of the system as a whole, the compressors can be used in the pressure range of 5.0 to 15.0 bar. Special pressures on request.

Oil separation system

5 Oil circuit

The amount of oil in the LGCD Direct-driven Screw compressor is determined in such a way as to extend the oil change intervals (depending on ambient conditions). An oil level sensor is integrated as standard and is read by the controller. All the units in this series have a horizontal oil separation vessel in which the oil is separated from the compressed air highly efficiently at low speeds.

Oil circuit

Frequency inverters (optional)

The frequency converter minimises idle times and optimises supply with fluctuating compressed air requirements. Start-up peaks are avoided and the compressor’s delivery rate is controlled continuously – that saves electricity costs! The total costs for your compressed air supply are significantly reduced and investment costs are amortised in the shortest possible time.

Frequency inverters (optional)

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