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  • Rotary Screw Compressor Historical well-known manufacturer producing quality screw compressor,oil free compressor,high pressure compressor in ISO,TUV,CE certificates with good price, 5 years warranty, patented unique design, more energy-saving , reliable compressor system for al Rotary Screw Compressor
  • Oil Free Compressor Shanghai rotorcomp screw compressor offer 100% clean oil free air compressor that can be made in air cooled &water cooled, we can customize according to the special requests, and OEM service... Oil Free Compressor
  • Air Treatment Systems After-processing equipment of compressorISO,CE,TUV,ASME standard manufacturer producing quality Refrigerated air dryer,Desiccant air dryer, precised pipe filter from 1micron to 0.001micron, active-car... Air Treatment Systems
  • Diesel Movable Screw Compressor Diesel movable screw compressorReliable diesel portable screw compressor manufacturer producing quality diesel screw compressor from 50cfm--1600cfm@100psi-500psi in ISO,TUV,CE certificates with good p... Diesel Movable Screw Compressor
  • Screw Air End SCREW AIR ENDWorld-top Rotorcomp compact air screw compressor with best efficient in smaller demension in ISO,TUV certificates, 5 years warranty.Rotorcomp oil-injected screw air ends create the heart ... Screw Air End
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  • Shanghai Rotorcomp Screw Compressor Co., LtdShanghai Rotorcomp Screw Compressor Co., LtdJune 29, 2017Shanghai Rotorcomp screw compressor co., Ltd founded in 1999, we successfully produce the new generation screw compressor, oil-free air compressors, portable compressor.air dryer and pipe filter after...view
  • Direct driven LGFD compressorDirect driven LGFD compressorJune 29, 2017Our LGCD Direct-driven Screw compressorThe new design reducing the contact zone of the lateral leakage, improve compressor efficiency; as well as to improve the processing, test performance of the...view
  • EVO 7.5KW compressorEVO 7.5KW compressorJune 29, 2017All of our EVO series air screw compressors have special Drives and electrics system that is almost loss-free power transmission guarantees reliable, high-performance compressor operation. The regular...view
  • High-end Intergrated NK screw compressorHigh-end Intergrated NK screw compressorJune 29, 2017World-top Rotorcomp compact air screw compressor with best efficient in smaller dimension in ISO, TUV certificates, 5 years warranty.view
  • High-end Intergrated NK screw compressor2High-end Intergrated NK screw compressor2June 29, 2017All our NK high-end air screw compressors assembled with unique series of EVO®-NK compact units that are oil-injected screw compressor modules integrated the main parts of a compressor system. Th...view
  • Oil free scroll compressorOil free scroll compressorJune 29, 2017It is the latest silent oil scroll compressor customize for our customer for the pharmaceutical industry.As new generation oil free compressor, it is more energy-saving and efficient for textile, food...view
  • High-end Intergrated NK screw compressor3High-end Intergrated NK screw compressor3June 29, 2017Why use shanghai rotorcompNK high-end rotary screw compressor?Economic running costsGood environmental adaptabilityFrequency converters minimise idle times and optimise supply with fluctuating compres...view
  • Installation of Shanghai rotorcomp compressor for packing factoryInstallation of Shanghai rotorcomp compressor for packing factoryJune 29, 2017Shanghai rotorcomp compressor company as a professional supplier of the whole compressor system, is able to customize&install the whole system including a compressor, air dryer, pipe filter and ai...view
  • High-end new designed EVO 11KW screw compressorHigh-end new designed EVO 11KW screw compressorJune 29, 2017World-leading Rotorcomp Screw Air Compressor in unique design, better performance with the better priceThe design and all the parts upgraded. that's very different with before. no one has such kinds ...view
  • TEL:+86-021-67150020
  • FAX:+86-021-67150020
  • ADDRESS:No.28 Minta Road, Songjiang District Shanghai, China