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First-class energy-saving rotary VSD screw compressor for sale

The Advantages of Shanghai Rotorcomp VSD screw compressor

1. High-efficient screw Rotorcomp air end Made in Germany
2. Wider Frequency changes from 15-60hz to keep more energy-saving 20% than most of compressor 20-50hz in the market.
3. Only pickup SF 1.2 IP55 VSD motor in IE3&MEPS standard, reach higher efficiency standard: CN-CE-1306-06/16.
4. Patented driving guard system, the design service life is up to 25000 hours, transmission efficiency can be as high as above 98%.
5. Multi-touchable colorful controller to make compressor more easily to control

New generation VSD Screw Air Compressor, 25%-35% than traditional VSD compressor, world-top energy-saving technology, intelligent touchable control


1. World-leading Made in Germany Rotorcomp screw air end
2,25-30% energy saving than normal VSD compressor
3. wider 15-60hz adjustable-speed drive system
4. Intelligent touchable PLC control system
5. Double higher efficient VSD energy-saving motors in IE3 CE&MEPS
6. Unique driving guard system
7. ISO, TUV, GA, SGS certificates
Shanghai rotorcomp Variable speed drive Screw Air Compressor adapting the amount of free air delivered to compressed air demand is the most economical operating method where demand for compressed air fluctuates considerably or where the stored volume is very small or where operating below peak load.

The benefits of rotorcomp VSD air screw compressor

>Smooth starts and stops within seconds
>Continuous volume flow regulation from 25-100%
>Adjustable-speed drive from 15-60hz
>minimization of wear and  maintenance costs
>No power-peaks during start-up
> nearly no idling

Reduce Energy Consumption

The costs of power consumption account for 70% or more of all costs during the operation. The electric charges of running air compressor account for more than 40% of all the electric charges in the factory.

The requirement of compressed air fluctuates violently in different time every day, different weeks, or different months every year. The range of fluctuation is 40% to 80%, Rotorcomp adjustable-speed drive screw compressor can meet the user’s requirement exactly. When the user needs less air delivery, Variable frequency inverter can reduce the capacity and reduce the power consumption at the same.




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