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World-top Rotorcomp compact air screw compressor with best efficient in smaller dimension in ISO, TUV certificates, 5 years warranty.

Advantages of NK High-end Series Screw Compressor:

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1. World-leading ROTORCOMP integrated  air end made in Germany
2. 5 years warranty
3. Unique Extraordinary cooling system design
4. Economic running costs
5. ISO, TUV, GA, SGS certificates

High end NK series air screw compressor

advantage of rotorcomp-conpact units

All our NK high-end air screw compressors assembled with unique series of EVO®-NK compact units that are oil-injected
screw compressor modules integrated the main parts
of a compressor system.
This solution is the best possible
way to build a reliable, compact and cost-efficient complete
compressor package with ultimate efficiency, low noise
and the highest quality standards.

World-top Rotorcomp compact air screw compressor with best efficient in smaller demension in ISO,TUV certificates, 5 years warranty

Why use NK high-end rotary screw air compressor?

Economic running costs

Capacity,0-100% adjustment  When the gas consumption is reduced, the capacity decreases, following motor current is also reduced, our NK high-end air screw compressor is running without capacity, if this status keeps for a long time, compressor automatically shut down. While air consumption increases, compressors recovers. The energy-saving effect is optimal.

Good environmental adaptability

Extraordinary cooling system design, especially for the high-temperature, high humidity environment. Excellent vibration isolation and noise reduction measures, so that the installation of our NK high-end air screw compressor no need for a dedicated basis, only to leave a minimum ventilation and maintenance space, you can settle your compressor.

Frequency converters (optional)

The frequency converter minimises idle times and optimises supply
with fluctuating compressed air requirements. Start-up peaks are
avoided and the compressor’s delivery rate is controlled continuously
– that saves electricity costs! The total costs for your compressed air
supply are significantly reduced and investment costs are amortised
in the shortest possible time.

Standard compressor


Savings after 5 years when using our Nk high-end compressor:


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