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Transmission Mode of Screw Air Compressor

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Transmission Mode of Screw Air Compressor

Screw air compressor has three transmission modes, which are different from each other.

The first is the transmission belt. The engineer should always check the wear and tightness of the transmission belt. If the tightness is not adjusted properly, it will aggravate the wear or fracture. When checking the belt tightness, you can use your thumb and press on the middle part of the two belt wheels with the force of 40N, and generally sinking 10-15mm is appropriate. When inspecting the belt wear, in addition to inspecting the wear and aging of its working face, the outer plane of v-belt should be higher than 1-2mm above the belt wheel edge. Otherwise, the belt has reached the wear limit and must be replaced.

The second is gear transmission. This transmission mode is to connect the cylinder block of the air compressor with the cylinder block or the gearbox of the engine, and it is directly driven by the gears of the engine. If the air compressor is broke down and needs to be repaired, it is necessary to check the gear wear and meshing clearance, check the gear tightening state, and find problems in time to tighten, adjust or replace.

The third is the coupling transmission. This type of transmission adopts air compressor driven by coupling. Some have power output at the back of the pump, others are connected to the timing gearbox of the engine. When checking, you can check whether the connection is tight or not in the static state, and if there is obvious looseness when you move it by hand. When running at low, medium and high speed, the shaft and bearing should have no noise. 
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