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The Advantages of Screw Compressor

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Information at home and abroad shows that replacing piston compressors with screw compressors is the latest development trend of the aerodynamic compressor in the world. Screw compressor has incomparable advantages in improving production conditions, reducing environmental noise, improving gas quality, ensuring normal production, and reducing maintenance time and costs. 

The screw head of a screw air compressor sucks air through a suction filter and an air inlet control valve, and oil is injected into an air compression chamber to cool, seal the head, lubricate the screw and bearing, and produce compressed air in the compression chamber. The compressed mixture of oil and gas is discharged into the oil and gas separation tank. Most of the oil is separated from the oil-gas mixture due to the action of mechanical centrifugal force and gravity. The air passes through the core of the oil-gas separating cylinder made of boron silicate glass fiber. Almost all the oil mist is separated and oil filters are installed on the oil return pipe. After the oil return is filtered by the oil filter, the clean oil flows back to the screw head. When the oil is separated, compressed air, passing through the minimum pressure control valve, leaves the cylinder and enters the rear cooler. Then the compressed air is cooled and discharged to the storage tank for each gas unit. The condensed water is concentrated in the storage tank and discharged either by the automatic drain or by hand.
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