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10 Major Reasons for Low Pressure of Screw Air Compressor Unit

1, the air demand is greater than the supply: check the valve on the supply line is open or whether there is leakage in the system, reducing the amount of gas.

2, oil and gas separator block: As the oil system in the more or less there are some impurities, the filter work for some time, there will be blocking the phenomenon of compressed air through the filter to increase the resistance, affecting the normal work of the unit. Therefore, the operator should be based on the monitor panel display the signal, the timely replacement of the filter.

3, the air filter plug: the role of air filter is to suck the air to be filtered to ensure that the air into the air compressor clean and clean. If the air filter blockage will affect the unit's air intake. So you must promptly replace the filter.

4, the pressure regulator failure or damage: the pressure regulator system is based on the size of the customer gas consumption, automatic adjustment of the compressor in order to achieve a balance between supply and demand. So the damage to the pressure regulator in time to replace the failure of the pressure regulator in time to adjust.

5, the intake valve cannot be fully open: the function of the intake valve is to control the intake air volume. When the unit is running at full capacity, the intake valve is fully open. When the user needs to reduce the amount of gas required by the gas regulator to the intake valve input compressed air, so that the intake valve opening to reduce, thereby reducing the compressor intake, the intake valve failure will affect the load on the unit How many.

6, the release valve failure (load cannot be closed);

7, control the pipeline leak: air screw compressor control pipeline leakage will make the intake valve can not be fully open so that the unit load can not be full.

8, the pressure switch is set too low (relay control unit);

9, pressure gauge failure (relay control unit); replacement pressure gauge.

10, pressure switch failure (relay control unit); maintenance, if necessary, replace the pressure switch.
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  • ADDRESS:No.28 Minta Road, Songjiang District Shanghai, China