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How to Choose Oil Free Air Compressors for food industry

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Food industry relative to other production industries, food safety is more important to choose not oil-free air compressor is not also can guarantee product quality? Because of the air used in the food industry.

Compressors need to meet the low noise, and the environment needs to clean the characteristics of oil-free air compressor is commonly used in the food industry models.

Its application in the industry to illustrate this point, the application of pneumatic devices. The use of its discharge of compressed gas with a certain pressure to promote the operation of the follow-up equipment, this time the compressed gas is generally not directly with the food contact, so the requirements for the quality of compressed gas is not very high.

This type of application for the compressed gas exhaust pressure is about 0.06mpa or so, the amount of gas is generally based on the size of the production scale to determine.

Gas source device mode, the use of oil-free air compressor continuously for enterprises to provide indirect and direct contact with food high-quality compressed gas.

The so-called indirect contact refers to the compressed air is not in direct contact with food and beverage contact, but through other media and food or beverage contact, such as cans, beverage bottles of cleaning and beverage filling and so on.

At this time, although there is no direct contact with food, but the same quality requirements for compressed gas is very high, for the compressed gas exhaust pressure about 0.5-0.6mpa or so.

Through these two applications, it is proved that the oil-free air compressor is used in the food industry with convenient, low noise, simple maintenance and applicable characteristics.
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