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Repair and Maintenance of Diesel Screw Compressor-Reasons for Gas Volume Decline

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When we are repairing the diesel screw compressor or maintaining the diesel screw compressor, we encounter the problem that the exhaust volume of the piston air compressor decreases. We should take the following methods to check the reasons: first, check the intake filter, which is blocked by fouling in the general intake filter, making the exhaust volume decrease; the suction pipe is too long and the diameter of the pipe is too small, which causes the increase of the suction resistance to affect the air volume. Therefore, we should clean the filter regularly. Cylinders, pistons and piston rings are worn seriously and exceed tolerance, which increases the clearance and leakage, affecting the exhaust volume. When it belongs to normal grinding, the fragile parts, such as piston rings, should be replaced in time.

Then, look at the match between the valve spring force and gas force is not good. Excessive elasticity makes the disc open slowly, and extreme weak elasticity makes the disc close in time, which not only affects the gas flow, but also affects the increase of power, as well as the life of the valve disc and spring.

The use of diesel screw compressor for a long time needs to do a good job of air compressor maintenance, that is to say, some vulnerable parts end up their service life, needing to be replaced in advance. For example: air compressor intake valve repair kit, and the air compressor through the solenoid valve control cylinder opens the intake valve while screw   air compressor intake air into the loading state. At this time, the air compressor began to enter the working state, but the intake valve did not open, so the air compressor will not operate normally.

There are some intake valves on the air compressor which have one of the worst faults. It is difficult to pump air when the cold air compressor starts in winter, or it takes a long time to start loading. The failure of general air compressor maintenance intake valve will lead to that the air compressor does not load, that is, the screw air compressor we often see does not produce gas.

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