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What Are The Specifications of The Use of Air Compressor Air Receiver?

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Air compressor as device for the supply of compressed air, is an indispensable part of every processing and manufacturing factory. As an indispensable post-processing equipment for air compressors, air receivers have also entered tens of millions of factories with air compressors.

Air compressor air receiver is a pressure vessel for compressed gas. When compressed air passes through the air receiver, the high-speed air flow impacts on the wall of the air compressor air receiver to make it converge. In the air receiver, the temperature drops rapidly, and a large amount of water vapor is liquefied, thus removing a large amount of water and oil, reducing the mass load of the dryer, and making the compressed air safely reach the use workshop. It mainly functions as buffer, cooling, water removal and energy storage. It is a very important equipment for the generation of compressed gas. Therefore, the following points should be paid attention to when operating and using: 

1. Use elbows as little as possible to avoid reducing pressure.
2. The interface must be low in and high out, and the end connected with the compressor must be the lower end, in order to reduce the moisture content in the gas.
3. Before driving, all protective devices and safety accessories should be checked in good condition, and the lubricating oil surface everywhere should be checked to be in conformity with the standards, and driving should not be allowed if it does not meet the requirements.
4. Inspections of air receiver and internal and external part of conduit joints are conducted once a year. All periodic inspections and hydraulic strength tests are conducted every three years. And all detailed records should be made. Air receivers that have not passed the inspection shall not be used.
5. When inspecting and repairing, attention should be paid to avoiding sawdust, iron chips and wiping cloth falling into cylinders, air compressor air receiver and ducts.
6. No repair work shall be carried out when the machine is in operation or when the equipment is under pressure.
7. The pressure gauge should be checked, sealed and kept in good condition every year. If it is found that the pointer can not be returned to zero, or the dial scale is not clear or broken, it should be replaced immediately. If abnormal sound, odor, vibration or malfunction occurs during operation, stop immediately and use only after inspection and repair.
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