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Application of Air Compressor in Coal Chemical Industry Production

Air compressor is a kind of functional equipment necessary for all kinds of coal chemical processes.

It has a direct effect on the volume of compressed gas in coal chemical industry, gas purity improvement, process quality improvement and coal chemical production efficiency. In the new era, coal chemical industry is moving towards automation, large-scale and intelligent direction, which gives the application of air compressor has brought special requirements. Should closely follow the requirements of coal chemical technology, scientific design of the air compressor system and application design, access to the air compressor in the process of coal chemical industry, the application of deep-level results, through the compressor to enhance function, node adjustment and structural optimization, so that The value of air compressors in coal chemical industry is further enhanced.

While promoting the automation and high efficiency of coal chemical processes, the practical application and practice of compressors are scientifically carried out.

Application of Air Compressor in Coal Chemical Industry Production

Compressors are the key components of coal chemical processes.

Compressors generally include core units such as compression impellers, condensers, seals, rotors, casings, and exchangers, compressing gas through electricity and power, Improve gas purity, improve coal chemical production efficiency and other purposes and effects.  Modernization of coal chemical technology and intelligent coal chemical production of the most important gas compression equipment. 
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  • ADDRESS:No.28 Minta Road, Songjiang District Shanghai, China