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Why do You Need Oil Free Compressor for Textile Industry

In the textile industry, jet looms need dry and oil-free compressed air, the production process, the fine nozzle will be compressed air blowing wire harness, the formation of eddy current, which gives the yarn shape, elastic and elastic, oil free screw compressor The pure compressed air can guarantee the quality of the finished fabric.

In the case of Air-jet looms with compressed air quality requirements:
(1) Moisture
Air-jet loom weft with compressed air moisture content can not be too high, or water will be in the compressed air pipe precipitation, condensation into water droplets, so that the pipe wall dust, increase the pressure along the pipeline loss, and in the nozzle The impact of jet quality, resulting in reed, nozzle loom parts corrosion, so the pressure should be compressed air dew point below 4 ℃.

(2) oil content
Compressed air in the oil particles will contaminate the fabric, resulting in defective products, and will be attached to the nozzle outlet, affecting the nozzle jet and jet air trajectory, reduce the weft insertion effect, so that weft deterioration. Oil particles attached to the reed will increase the number of defective products, oil particles in the production workshop in the air will pollute the environment, endangering the health of workers. Therefore, the oil particles with diameters greater than 0. 01 μm should be filtered and the maximum oil content should not exceed 0. 1 mg / m.

(3) dust and toner
As the air compressor meshing gap is very small, the air contains dust and toner will speed up the compressor wear and reduce the screw life, should remove more than 1μm impurities, dust and toner, the maximum dust concentration in the air should not exceed 1 mg / m ?. Among the three main influencing factors, the oil content of the air is critical to the choice and operating costs of the air compressor.
Screw air compressor in the normal operation, the need to understand some of the use of screw air compressor precautions, so that not only to ensure that the normal operation of the screw air compressor to prevent, but also to avoid air pressure in the run-time unexpected situation , To extend the service life of air compressor.
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