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Causes of High Temperature of Screw Air Compressor I

Air compressor panel shows the exhaust temperature is high, need to first confirm whether the temperature sensor is wrong to display, can be portable infrared thermometer or thermal imaging assistance to confirm, other reasons can be roughly divided into the cooling system, lubrication system, equipment host system design several Partially confirmed.

First, the cooling system
The cooling system can consider factors such as environmental factors, indoor ventilation, cooler blockage, cooling water, cooling air volume and so on.

1, environmental factors, indoor ventilation

Due to the operation of the equipment will produce a lot of heat, if the heat is not time out of the room, may cause indoor air circulation, that is, air compressor heat transfer from the air compressor inlet and then inhalation, such a vicious cycle, The device will continue to high temperature. It is necessary to perform forced ventilation when it is judged that the ambient temperature exceeds 40 ° C according to the ventilation state of the installation site.

Note on indoor ventilation:
Inlet and outlet position
Intake as far as possible in the housing at low, and difficult to inhale environmental dust and harmful gas position, in the dust and other harsh environments should be equipped with an appropriate inlet filter device. The tuyere is generally located above the roof or wall and is fitted with protective equipment.

Exhaust channel
A. Exhaust air passage area should be large enough;
B. Exhaust channel as short as possible to reduce the flow resistance, according to the compressor exhaust volume, calculate the exhaust channel resistance, if the pressure loss exceeds 20Pa, the need to set the auxiliary fan;
C. For the convenience of maintenance, the use of the removable structure of the exhaust channel, canvas or white iron can be used to connect and balance the wind cover, to avoid excessive pull and vibration transmission. Can be installed flexible adjustment of the leaf, in the winter can be closed when the channel to avoid the temperature is too low.

2, the cooler is blocked

Cooler with air-cooled plate-fin heat exchanger and water-cooled shell and tube heat exchanger, etc., with the use of time, due to environmental or cooling water quality and other relations, the cooler will be blocked, this can be through the cooler entrance and exit Temperature difference can be confirmed. Plate fin heat exchanger is composed of a rectangular plate and heat exchanger tube composed of heat transfer tube bundle, for air-cooled heat exchanger blockage can be used more than 0.2MPa compressed air repeated purge, serious can be the overall removal of cleaning. For the water-cooled tube heat exchanger, it is mainly composed of external shell, internal cooler composed of two parts, due to different manufacturers equipment may be pipe and shell flow through the media and the use of different cooling water quality, for the pipe heat exchanger blockage needs Through different chemical agents for circulation cleaning.

3, cooling water, cooling air volume is insufficient

The amount of cooling air is insufficient
Check the control panel fan start and stop the temperature is set reasonable, the cooling fan is timely action or damage; suction port dust net should be regularly cleaned to prevent clogging; another exhaust channel design and installation is unreasonable, exhaust air is too small or channel Resistance, will affect the equipment gas, resulting in air compressor exhaust temperature rise.

Poor cooling water
View the cooling water temperature level, the water temperature is high so that the cooling water and lubricating oil between the temperature reduction, reduce heat transfer effect; In addition, the cooling water is insufficient, high temperature lubricating oil cannot be cooled in a timely manner cooling water, resulting in higher and higher temperature. Usually require cooling water back to the water pressure of not less than 0.15MPa.

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