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How much do you know about Air Compressor Air Receiver

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1. The capacity of air compressor air receiver can generally be selected according to the schedules or determined by experience. If the capacity of common air compressor air receiver is calculated, it should be properly selected according to the existing domestic air compressor gas storage tank series and existing equipment. If the selected air receiver is above 6 cubic meters, more than two existing air receiver can be considered in series in order to facilitate loading and transportation.

2. If the air compressor air receiver is equipped with barometer, safety valve and outlet valve, the barometer should be installed in the direction of easy observation. The control pressure of the safety valve is generally 0.80-0.85 MPa, and the height of the outlet valve should be easy to operate.

3. The air compressor air receiver should be installed between the station pipeline and the total outlet of the air compressor. If multiple air storage tanks are used in series, it is advisable to adopt a single row arrangement type. The distance between the air receiver should not be less than 1 meter while the distance between the common air receiver and the air compressor should not exceed 10 meters at most, and the nearest should be less than 3 meters. The foundation of the common air receiver should be built by hammering. In order to make the air intake and the exhaust outlet of the air compressor be in a line and reduce the number of elbows, it is necessary to make the foundation lower than the floor.

At present, there are many brands in the air compressor market, and the professionalism and strength of the manufacturers are different. So people often have no choice. However, brand is the recognition, evaluation and trust of air compressor users to products and product quality, after-sales service, enterprise value of the enterprise. The company develops and produces air compressors and air compressor air receiver, with perfect after-sales service, owning the country's 4S sales system all over the world, which wins the reputation in the industry.

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  • FAX:+86-021-67150020
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