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How to avoid and eliminate compressor noise?

First, the noise index more difficult to judge, everyone's sensitivity to noise is different:

1, the compressor itself due to improper assembly, spring and other reasons will cause significant noise;

2, in the refrigerator system because of the flow of refrigerant pulsation and pipeline transmission compressor vibration may also lead to local resonance, resulting in noise, this time by adjusting the pipeline, the pipeline paste heavy objects (damping block) and other measures Avoid resonance point;

3, to determine whether the compressor noise is high, you can remove the compressor and the normal compressor sound comparison (including no-load and suppress the operation), if no significant difference, you can initially determine the normal noise;

Second, the air compressor noise is high, but also can be extended to extend the vacuum time (40 minutes), increase the degree of vacuum method, you can to some extent improve the compressor noise.

Third, the consultation on compressor noise caliber: the size of the sound has its relatives, in a noisy environment and in a quiet environment, the same sound we feel is different, in a quiet environment, very It is easy to feel the sound of the outside world, so we feel the night the refrigerator sound more obvious, in fact, the sound did not change but people feel bigger.

To avoid the noise:

1, The uneven bottom corner explains the uneven ground, guide the user to adjust the bottom corner of the corner wrench angle, so that the refrigerator in a horizontal position.

2, The refrigerator and other items touch or against the wall guide the user will rely on the items removed or the refrigerator wall to maintain a certain distance.

3, Then the water tray or condenser loose guide the user to the condenser or water tray fastening, consult the user in place. 4, the refrigerator starts to start or stop when the compressor speed to change, or from slow to fast or from fast to slow, when the sound changes are always larger than the stable time, we are not hard to understand, So you reflect this phenomenon is normal, does not affect the normal performance of the refrigerator.
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  • ADDRESS:No.28 Minta Road, Songjiang District Shanghai, China