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How to Handle the Water in the Air Compressor Tank

Screw air compressor water this situation, this phenomenon is very normal, to understand the role of the tank and the working principle, to know the operation of the machine, it can give us a screw air compressor to provide a buffer of space , Reduce the pulse, stabilize the voltage, the machine also because it's a buffer without having to restart, reducing power consumption. Here to answer the screw air compressor tank water treatment methods.

A portion of the compressed air of the screw air compressor is stored in a gas tank, and the air contains a large amount of water molecules. When these high-speed moving water molecules touch the tank wall, they condense into water. The accumulation of time, the bottom will be a lot of water. Through the working principle we can know that the water tank is a normal phenomenon, the next is how to deal with these water problems, the formation of water we need to timely discharge, because it not only affects the air quality, but also rust off the container. Here are three ways to deal with these water:

1, can be installed in the storage tank a gas-water separator, the compressed air in the air separation.
2, in the sewage outfall at the installation of an automatic drainage, the choice of the automatic drainage is also required, poor drainage is easy to plug.
3, the pipeline design is reasonable, compressed air piping generally require a tilt of about 1 degrees, from the system pipeline into the best of the pipeline into the pipeline to the top of the channel, do one to do a 180 degree bend Neck down to the gas tank can be imported.
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