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Operation of screw compressor

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How to extend the life of air compressors and save costs for companies?

The use of Shanghai Rotorcomp rotoary screw air compressor has brought convenience to many companies, but rising costs and the overall market downturn have also contributed to the urgent need for the promotion of air compressors energy-saving transformation.

rotoary screw air compressor
How to extend the life of air compressors and save costs for companies?

Here's a brief explanation for you.

1, Do a good job cleaning the machine, the compressor after long-term operation, it is prohibited to use cold water rinse.

2. Regularly (weekly) conduct a manual exhaust test on the gas tank safety valve to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the safety valve.

3, The operator should be specially trained, must fully understand the structure, performance and role of the air compressor and ancillary equipment, familiar with the operation and maintenance procedures.

4, The air compressor should be parked away from steam, gas diffusers and dust flying place. The intake pipe should be fitted with a filter device. After the air compressor is in place, the application block is wedged symmetrically.

5. Always keep the outside of the storage tank clean. It is forbidden to perform welding or thermal processing near the gas tank. The gas tank should be tested once a year for water pressure, and the test pressure should be 1.5 times the working pressure. Barometers and safety valves should be tested once a year.

6. When cleaning the heat sink, do not use the combustion method to remove the pipeline oil. Cleaning, tightening and other maintenance work must be carried out after shutdown. When blowing parts with compressed air, do not aim the tuyere at the human body or other equipment to prevent injury or damage

7. Operators should wear work clothes, and lesbians should insert hairpins into work caps. It is forbidden to operate after drinking, not to engage in matters unrelated to the operation, not to leave the job without authorization, and not to determine the non-local operator to replace the job without authorization.

8. When the air compressor is shut down, the exhaust valve of the air tank should be gradually opened, slowly depressurized, and the diesel engine speed should be reduced accordingly, so that the air compressor can run for 5 to 10 seconds under no load and low speed. After the air compressor stopped, the diesel engine continued to run for 5 seconds at low speed and then stopped. If the temperature in winter is lower than 5 degrees, the cooling water without antifreeze should be drained after shutdown.

9, Before starting the air compressor, according to the provisions of the inspection and preparation work, pay attention to open all the valves of the gas tank. After the diesel engine starts, it must perform the heating operation of low speed, medium speed, and rated speed. Pay attention to whether the reading of each meter is normal before carrying out the load operation. The air compressor should gradually increase the load to start. After all parts are normal, it can run at full load.

10. During the operation of the air compressor, pay attention to the reading of the meter (especially the reading of the barometer) and listen to the audio of each department. If abnormal conditions are found, check the machine immediately. The maximum air pressure in the air tank must not exceed the pressure specified on the nameplate. For every 2 to 4 hours of operation, the condensate drain valve of the intercooler and the gas storage tank should be opened 1 or 2 times. Do a good job of cleaning the machine. After long-term operation of the air compressor, it is forbidden to wash it with cold water.
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