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Why would you choose variable frequency air compressor?

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In recent years, with the global energy prices continue to improve, energy-saving products more and more attention by industrial enterprises. Air compressor as an industrial enterprise power consumption, the operation of the economy more and more by the enterprise's attention. Variable frequency adjustment air compressor with its excellent operating efficiency in industrial enterprises are widely welcomed.

VSD air compressor to subvert the traditional air compressor operation and control methods, to bring many benefits to customers.

1. Starting current is low: As the motor speed is adjustable, the inverter compressor can start from the very low speed gradually accelerate, start power is very low, the corresponding start current is also very small, start smooth, no impact on the power grid, the unit can Use in areas where the grid capacity is relatively low.

2. Energy saving / saving: the user gas consumption changes in the occasion of the use of frequency conversion unit, to the maximum extent to avoid the unit unloading operation, there is no waste of electricity, energy conservation effect is obvious. In the whole life cycle of the air compressor, compared with the conventional non-variable frequency air compressor, inverter air compressor can save about 35% of the average electricity costs, equivalent to 22% of the total cost of air compressor.

3. Pressure stability: As the motor speed can be precisely controlled, the speed with the pressure change response speed, so the air compressor exhaust pressure fluctuations, the user can be relatively stable and lower pressure belt under the use of units; At the same time, users can also configure a smaller gas tank to further cost savings.

The issues of VSD compressor

VSD air compressor although there are many benefits, but also a lot of information is also repeated, but here or to put forward the following two points to avoid air compressor users to enter some errors.

1. Variable frequency air compressor is particularly suitable for large changes in gas consumption occasions, if the user changes in gas consumption is very small, very stable gas, the use of variable frequency air compressor energy efficiency is not very obvious. Frequency conversion air compressor energy efficiency is good or bad and the user's gas mode-related.

2. Frequency conversion air compressor frequency range and the amount of gas adjustment range is limited, not necessarily the bigger the better. The reason is that the high speed range of the air compressor main engine is only a small range, the greater the scope of the frequency adjustment, the edge of the edge away from the host of the efficient speed zone, the host efficiency is lower. Coupled with the motor will have the same problem, so the overall efficiency of the unit at a lower speed will be significantly reduced. In general, the inverter air compressor in the 40-100% frequency range is the most valuable.

As professional manufacutuer, Shanghai rotorcomp supply the most efficient VSD compressor to all industrial applicantion.

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  • TEL:+86-021-67150020
  • FAX:+86-021-67150020
  • ADDRESS:No.28 Minta Road, Songjiang District Shanghai, China