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Why your air dryer would be short circuit?

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Air Dryer As one of the important post-processing equipment for air compressor, its normal operation is very necessary for air compressor. In the hot weather in summer, the air compressor may be the phenomenon of high temperature jump machine. In this weather, the air compressor cold and dry machine is also likely to occur high temperature crash problem.

1) the use of high temperature environment, did not take the relevant cooling measures, resulting in internal conditions are abnormal;

2) the surrounding environment and outside the poor ventilation, can not be timely discharge of heat;

3) the scene has dust blocked the radiator;

4) power supply instability, poor contact or other factors, resulting in large voltage fluctuations;

5) and the air compressor does not match the displacement, cold and dry processing capacity is small, and the actual demand, overload use;

6) control instrument failure;

For the screw air compressor, if the cold and dry machine fault trip, or cold and dry machine can not run normally are more serious problems. The most direct effect is that the compressed air can not be dry and cooled, then the use of gas terminal to use the compressed air compressor will contain a lot of water.
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