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The Security of Air Compressor Air Receiver
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The Security of Air Compressor Air Receiver

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The gas rated pressure in the gas tank is determined by the pressure regulator and the safety valve. In case of failure of the two, such as failure of the pressure regulator operation or failure of components like the unloading valve pipe (safety accessories are incomplete, failure or installation does not meet the requirements, the safety valve can not operate or the pressure gauge indication is not accurate, etc.), the gas pressure in the tank rises sharply and the heat of the container (such as sun exposure, fire, etc.) can also cause the internal pressure of the container to rise. If it exceeds the strength limit of the wall thickness of the tank, an explosion will occur. If the gas storage tank is improperly used, the design structure is unreasonable, the manufacturing quality is poor and there are local defects such as uneven wall thickness, porosity, cracks, severe corrosion, etc., even if the gas storage tank is still working under the rated pressure, the local strength is still insufficient and then explosion occurs.

Set up a pressure protection device in the gas storage tank and automatically power off the power once it is over pressured. The pressure regulator and safety valve must be properly adjusted to ensure flexibility and reliability. Operators must be familiar with and follow the safe operating procedures for air compressors and pressure vessels. Reasonably select the type and grade of cylinder lubricant, strictly control the amount of lubricant, do not use too much or too little fuel, should follow the equipment technical documents. When designing the compressed gas pipeline, the elbow, the valve and the reducer should be minimized or the radius of curvature of the bend of the pipe should be made larger to reduce the exciting force. The installation equipment should be installed in strict accordance with the design requirements.
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