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The Selection of High Pressure Air Compressors

How to choose high-pressure air compressor parts? The high-pressure machine is composed of a variety of different spare parts.
According to the requirements of various aspects of high-pressure compressor work, we can make high-quality selection of these parts, in addition to the price, safety and reliability of the air compressor, Shanghai Rotorcomp  provides you with the following considerations:

1. The use of compressed air.

2. The air compressor uses low pressure.

3. Different demand winds from the peak and tip. When the difference between the low and high operating pressures is 3 bar, the problem of “high and low pressure splitting” should be considered, and the medium and high pressure air compressors of different models should be selected according to the change of the tip and the peak.

4. According to the difference of gas quality, choose different types and grades of dryer and precision filter. It is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the configuration, and it can not waste energy or affect the process.

5. The control technology of medium and high pressure air compressor is fast and alternate. It should be chosen to effectively suppress the centrifugal spiral empty vehicle waste, stabilize the supply pressure, reduce the standby capacity and reduce investment.

6. Comparing the nominal horsepower and the mass operation efficiency on the catalogue, the actual performance curve and the air volume horsepower are more important.

7. Factors affecting energy use such as design space and ventilation conditions, isolation noise, waste water, and waste heat recovery should be considered comprehensively. When considering the reduction of peripheral equipment, the centralized type is selected first, and the installation, maintenance and control costs are low.

8. In the air cooling and water cooling cooling modes, air cooling should consider whether there are good ventilation conditions; water cooling is not affected by the environment, which is beneficial to the service life of the air compressor and prevents the ice from bursting or blocking due to low temperature. .

9. Stabilizing voltage is a necessary condition for power supply planning. When a high-voltage centrifuge starts to hit the power grid, it should always be in operation.

10. Appropriate maintenance space and necessary lifting equipment and access roads are very important for maintaining the machine room. Appropriate professional ability training is provided for engineering and technical maintenance personnel.
  • TEL:+86-021-67150020
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  • ADDRESS:No.28 Minta Road, Songjiang District Shanghai, China