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Daily Maintenance and Protection of Screw Air Compressor
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Daily Maintenance and Protection of Screw Air Compressor

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First Start-up debugging:

(1) Check whether the connection of each component is tight, whether the screw is loose and whether there is oil seepage;
(2) Check whether the electrical control wiring has fallen off and whether the main wiring is tight;
(3) Whether the screw air compressor is in conformity with the pressure used by machinery and equipment;
(4) Connect the power supply to measure whether the three-phase voltage is normal and whether the wire diameter can meet the power consumption of the equipment.
(5) Cut off the power supply and test whether the direction of operation is correct.
(6) Check whether the oil level in the oil barrel is 2/3 of the inspection of the oil viewing mirror.
(7) Check whether the air outlet ball valves are open or not, and the ball valves must be fully opened to ensure the safe operation of the screw air compressor;
(8) Install the belt and check the elasticity of the belt.
(9) Check the date of leaving the factory, if the time is long, open the oil drain valve, and check whether there is water, if there is water, please drain water;
(10) Fill in the debugging form for future maintenance and maintenance.

Second, Maintenance:

(1) First-phase maintenance: After 500 hours of operation, the first-phase maintenance should be carried out, which is very important. Because the equipment is in running-in period, the users should be promptly reminded of the replacement of "air filter, oil filter and screw air compressor oil", and regular inspection work and inspection records should be done.

(2) Daily Maintenance and Maintenance: This work is mainly done by users themselves, but as  service personnel, we should give guidance:
A. Do a good job of checking and cleaning before start-up, such as: drainage of gas storage and manual drainage of drying equipment;
B. Make a good daily start-up record, pay attention to the observation of exhaust temperature and display panel display in Chinese, if there is a fault displaying the air filter, oil filter replacement instructions, we should do implementation timely ;
C. Customers require entrusted maintenance: our service personnel regularly visit the site, and do a good job of patrol records, timely understanding of the users' use, and doing a good job of air and oil filter replacement, equipment cleaning, as well as test of each patrol before the test, and doing a good job of air filtration and cooling system vacuum work.
D. Troubleshooting: Focus on the installation and maintenance manual.
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