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The Management of Screw Air Compressor Machine Room

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1. Choose a wide, well-lit place to facilitate the space and lighting required for the operation, maintenance and repair of the screw air compressor.

2. Screw air compressor room floor must be flat hard (general cement can be), and should pay attention to keep the ground clean and clean, no debris accumulation, especially flammable and explosive materials, and should be equipped with fire extinguishers and other facilities, Safety of the room is guaranteed.

3. Screw air compressor placement should be careful not to close to the wall, to set aside a certain distance to ensure that there is a certain ventilation and maintenance space, but also conducive to the maintenance and maintenance of air compressor.

4. Screw air compressor room should maintain a certain ambient temperature, should not be higher than 35 ℃, should not be less than 0 ℃. Note that the temperature of the air chamber as far as possible in the lower state, screw air compressor to absorb the higher temperature of the air will reduce the exhaust volume.

5. The room where the room should be kept dry, well ventilated and dusty, fresh air, try to avoid dust, oil, moisture environment to reduce the damage to the screw air compressor, thereby extending its service life, Screw air compressor inhalation of corrosive gases, paint molecules and contain explosive or chemical composition of instability or steam and other gases, so as not to endanger the use of air compressor personnel or cause rapid damage to the unit.

6. Operators should be familiar with the operation manual after the operation and maintenance of air compressor work, when there is a change, you must immediately notify the equipment after-sales service personnel. Usually should pay attention to the regular air compressor parts of the maintenance and maintenance, so that the best equipment in the running state.

7. Screw air compressor room pressure pipe is strictly prohibited bump, is strictly prohibited in the case of pressure with the disassembly.

8. Even in a reasonable use environment, its compressed air will still contain large amounts of water and trace oil, which will reduce the plant's production efficiency and product quality, not to the untreated air directly for breathing gas or Food contact, and thus must be equipped with the corresponding compressed air purification equipment.

9. Maintenance and repair work. It is best to purchase products, compressor oil and other materials using a company with a certain credit experience. Screw air compressor as a more common equipment, in its maintenance is also a lot of details. Do a good job maintenance, in order to extend the life of air compressors.

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  • TEL:+86-021-67150020
  • FAX:+86-021-67150020
  • ADDRESS:No.28 Minta Road, Songjiang District Shanghai, China