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Advantages and Notices of Oil Free Scroll Compressor

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With the rapid development of industry and the improvement of people's living standard, the requirements of the society for the needed products have been greatly improved. At the same time, the improvement of the precision of pneumatic components has made the requirements for oil and water content of compressed gas more and more high. The quality of new products of oil free scroll compressor has greatly restricted its wide use in the past. With the improvement of the quality of all oil free scroll compressor, its quality has been fundamentally improved, which can fully meet the needs of modern industrial production. The advantages of all oil free scroll compressor in the use process are reflected as follows:

1. Because of the high viscosity of lubricating oil, the oil removal equipment can not be completely removed, so gas compressed by the oil free air compressor have the characteristics of containing no air, which is irreplaceable.

2. Refrigeration dryer, non-thermal regenerative dryer, micro-thermal regenerative dryer and other dewatering equipment lose dewatering function because of the oil in compressed air; while the clean oil free gas compressed by the compressor fully protects dewatering equipment, reduces the additional capital occupation caused by maintenance of dewatering equipment.

3. The use of all oil free scroll compressor provides compressed gas, which will not greatly reduce the motor load due to the pressure loss caused by deoiling equipment to achieve energy-saving effect; a three-stage deoiler with good quality will produce 1 to 1.2 kg of pressure loss in the use process, and a 7.5 KW air compressor will pay more 600W power loss per kilogram of pressure increase, for example, every working day (10 hours). It will pay 6 degrees of electricity, which will be a long-term invisible expenditure.

4. The use of oil-bearing air compressor wastes a lot of lubricating oil. Taking a 7.5KW high-quality oil-bearing air compressor as an example, the minimum consumption of lubricating oil is 5 kg per month. Over the past year, another 60 kg lubricating oil will be used. At the same time, in order to remove the oil in compressed gas, it is also a great cost to replace the filter core many times in order to use an efficient oil filter. In summary, in order to achieve better energy-saving and pollution-reducing effect and reduce production costs, it is suggested that more consideration should be given to the use of oil free scroll compressor under the premise of considering the production requirements of enterprises.

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