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The Selection of Air Compressor Air Dryer

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In the process of user use and selection of the air compressor air dryer, which type of dryer is selected will be reasonably selected according to process requirements, purchase costs and cost of use.

First, for systems with a dew point of compressed air pressure of ≥ 2 ° C, a refrigerated dryer should be used as much as possible. Under the same gas quantity, the operating cost of the non-thermal regenerative drying device is 2.74 to 4.2 times that of the freeze-drying device. At the same time, it can meet more than 80% of user requirements, such as pneumatic tools, equipment control, particle transportation and so on.

Secondly, for the system with large air treatment, generally above ≥100m3/min, the dryer should be used with caution. Generally, domestically produced dryers, whether frozen or adsorbed, various check valves and shuttles The quality of valves and solenoid valves still has many problems, the leakage is serious, and the performance is not stable. Therefore, in general, for large-capacity air compressor stations, the use of dryers in parallel is considered.

Third, for the selection of a non-heat regenerative dryer, the supply and demand balance of the system gas, the gas pressure, etc. should be considered. The regeneration gas without heat regeneration reaches 15%, and the pressure drop is relatively large. When the system pressure is low, the gas consumption is even larger, so the operating pressure of the dryer should not be lower than 0.5Mpa.

Fourth, for systems with a compressed air pressure dew point requirement of < -20 ° C, a heat regenerative dryer can be used and should be followed to ensure regeneration.
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