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The Features of Oil Free Scroll Compressor
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The Features of Oil Free Scroll Compressor

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The scroll-type oil-free air compressor is the latest air compressor developed in the past 20 years. Compared with the traditional air compressor, it has a novel structure, small size, light weight, low noise, long service life and gas transmission. With features of smooth, continuous, easy to operate, low maintenance costs and other excellent technical performance, the industry is known as "no maintenance air compressor" and "new revolutionary air compressor", is the ideal model for air compressors below 50HP.

The oil free scroll air compressor comprises: a motor, a compressor body, an air filter, an exhaust pipe, a check valve, a safety valve, a joint, a cooling fan, an exhaust valve island and a chassis. There are temperature control components on the compressor. When the temperature of the compressor or motor exceeds the specified range, the air compressor is immediately powered off. After the air compressor cooling fan is started normally, the compressor starts to work and the compressor draws in air from the air filter. Compressed through the compression chamber from the exhaust hole through the exhaust pipe, to the check valve and finally discharged through the exhaust valve into the car storage tank. The temperature controlling element is installed on the compressor. If the compressor and motor temperature are out of range, the compressor will be shut down immediately. The knocking sound of the valve piece and the blasting sound of the air flow are eliminated due to no suction, exhaust valve and complicated moving mechanism, so that the noise is drastically reduced. Suction and exhaust are continuously stable, whose speed is more than 6000 times per minute, making the airflow pulsation extremely small.
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