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Calculation Method of Fuel Consumption for Diesel Air Power Compressor

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The calculation method of fuel consumption for diesel power air compressor is related to two factors, fuel consumption and power load. General customers know little about the fuel consumption before buying diesel power air compressor, and most customers do not know the fuel consumption of diesel power air compressor or how to calculate the fuel consumption diesel power air compressor. 

Fuel consumption rate: for different brands of diesel power air compressors, their fuel consumption rate is different, so the consumption of fuel is different. Generally, the approximate fuel consumption is between 196g / kw. H to 230g / kw.H, and the specific one is depended on the specific technical parameters of diesel power air compressor. The size of the electric load: the load of the throttle large fuel consumption is larger, otherwise the load is smaller and thus the fuel consumption is smaller. 

A litre of diesel is about 0.84 to 0.86 kilograms (1L=0.8-0.85KG). Most manufacturers of diesel air compressors use g/kw.h to measure the fuel consumption, which means how many grams (g) of oil are consumed in an hour for a generator set of a kilowatt (kw), and then change the unit into liters (L) so that you know the cost of fuel consumption per hour. The ratio of water to diesel oil is about 1: 0.84-0.86, that is, 1 L diesel oil is about equal to 0.84-0.86 kg/kg, the fuel consumption of the diesel power air compressor uses the algorithm /h, rated power multiplied by 0.84 (density kg/L) equals to fuel consumption. That is to say, the fuel consumption of the 220kw diesel power air compressor is 200g/kw.h, that is: 220 x 0.2 (kg) /0.84=52 (L). 
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