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Air Compressor Refrigerated Dryer
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Air Compressor Refrigerated Dryer

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A air  compressor refrigerated dryer is a device for removing water vapor from compressed air, which is commonly found in a variety of industrial and commercial facilities.

When the air is compressed, the water vapor contained therein is compressed together, resulting in a relatively high atmospheric dew point of the compressed air. Condensation occurs when compressed air enters the downstream lower temperature tube. Excessive water in the compressed air, whether in the liquid or vapor phase, can present a variety of problems for the user's operation, including freezing the outdoor air line, accelerating the corrosion rate of the equipment and causing product contamination. Compressed air dryers come in a variety of types, and their performance characteristics are usually defined by the dew point. When choosing a compressed air dryer, we first need to consider the required pressure dew point temperature to determine which type of compressed air dryer to use. When the pressure dew point temperature of compressed air is required to be above 0 °C, a refrigerating dryer is often used. When it is required to be below 0 °C, an adsorption dryer should be used.

Air compressor refrigerated dryers need to pay attention to the quality of compressed air during daily use, and it should be noted that compressed air easily contains a certain amount of lubricating oil, while some equipment is oil-free and water-free. At this point, it is necessary to select the model of the compressor and appropriately add certain equipment according to the demand.
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