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The Cleaning Method and Operation Procedure of Radiator of Screw Compressor
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The Cleaning Method and Operation Procedure of Radiator of Screw Compressor

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Usually, we often pay special attention to the cleaning of equipment when using compression equipment. Because the normal operation of the equipment will determine the benefits of production, so it is particularly important to clean up the stains on the relevant accessories. For the dirt on the radiator of general air compressor, not only the oil pollution aggravates caused by temperature change in the process of compression, but also the dust in the environment, which is constantly adsorbed on the radiator.

Therefore, regular cleaning of the radiator is an effective way to prevent high temperature, and is also the basic principle of simple maintenance of the air compressor.

Usually we use the method of gas back-blowing to remove the particles above, but this method can only be applied to the floating dust that is relatively easy to clean. For some more stubborn dirt, we need to use professional cleaning solvent and methods. Today, Shanghai Xujia Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. will tell you about the materials and specific cleaning steps for the cleaning of radiator of the screw compressor equipment. The materials we need when we clean the radiator for screw air compressor mainly include cleaning agent, raw material belt, sealant and so on.

1.  Shut down and wait for all the lubricant in the radiator to flow back to the oil and gas barrel;
2. Close the oil intersection with clean cloth to prevent dirt from falling into the oil pipeline during cleaning.
3. Remove the tubing and trachea on the radiator and wash them in clean water with detergent.
4. Dilute the dust and oil impurities on the surface of the radiator with a cleaning agent, then clean it with a high-pressure water gun, and finally blow it off with clean and dry compressed air.
5. Re-install it to screw compressor, and adjust the machine. Verify that the air compressor is running normally, and no oil or gas leakage occurs. It indicates that the installation is intact, representing the end of the cleaning process.
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