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Which kind of oil is good for the portable screw air compressor?

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1, the size of the mobile screw compressor and the fuel tank volume are small, the amount of oil installed less, the oil temperature is higher, which requires a better thermal stability of lubricants and oxidation resistance;

2, The wild environment is bad, coal dust, rock dust, more water, lubricants will inevitably be the pollution of these impurities, so the lubricants have a better anti-rust, anti-corrosion, anti-emulsifying properties; When the pollution, its performance changes will not be too much, that is, the sensitivity of pollution is small;

3, open-air machinery winter and summer temperature changes and some areas are large temperature difference between day and night, so the viscosity of the lubricant with the temperature change is small, it is necessary to avoid the high temperature, the oil viscosity becomes too low, so that can not form Lubricating film, can not play the role of lubrication, but also to avoid the low temperature viscosity is too high, so that start, run difficult;

4, for some mobile screw compressor, especially in the event of fire, explosion accident in the use of some of the machinery, requiring the use of good flame resistance of lubricants, can not use combustible mineral oil;

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