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How to Choose Direct Power Compressor

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The general principles of selecting air compressor system are economy, practicability, reliability and safety.

1. Generally, the exhaust pressure and the exhaust volume should be considered. The exhaust pressure of direct power compressor for general use is 0.7 MPa (old standard is 0.8 mpa). At present, there is an air compressor with exhaust pressure of 0.5 MPa on the market, which is unreasonable from the point of use, because its pressure margin is too small for pneumatic tools. For example, the starter motor used by some manufacturers can not drive the load to be driven under the situation of extreme low pressure, so that it can not be used. In addition, from the point of design, this kind of direct power compressor is designed as a first-level compression with a high pressure, which is easy to cause the exhaust temperature to be too high, resulting in carbon deposition in the cylinder and the damage of the equipment and the occurrence of accidents. Exhaust volume is one of the main parameters of air compressor. Choosing direct power compressor should be matched with the required exhaust volume. Generally, there should be a 10% margin. If the air volume is large and the exhaust volume of air compressor is small, the exhaust pressure of air compressor will be greatly reduced once the pneumatic motor starts, but it can not be driven. Of course, it is also wrong to pursue large exhaust capacity blindly, because the larger the exhaust capacity is, the larger the motor allocated by the compressor, not only having the higher price, but also having the greater energy consumption in use.

2. The quality of air produced by direct power compressor is mainly considered in selection. The air pressure produced by the air compressor contains a certain amount of water and oil. In order to achieve the best air quality in some highly automated pipelines, attention should be paid not only to the selection of air compressor types, but also to the selection of its supporting facilities (dryers). The air compressor is usually equipped with a first or second stage purifier and a dryer, which can control the water and oil content of the compressor's air below 5 ppm to meet the needs of production.

3. Consider the operation safety of direct power compressor. Air compressor is a kind of air pressure working machine, accompanied by temperature rise and pressure, and its operation safety should be put in the first place, so we must see whether the production enterprise has a production license when purchasing, and strictly examine the relevant documents of the enterprise.

4. Determine the compressed air in a new factory. The traditional method is to add all the gas consumption together, and then consider adding a safety, leakage and development.

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