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Common Problems of Air Compressor Main Engine

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Air compressor is the lifeblood of factory production, and regular maintenance of air compressor is the premise to ensure its normal operation. The main engine is the core part of the air compressor, which is in high-speed operation for a long time. Similar to many other operating machines, main engines must The main engine must undergo the preventive overhaul after running for a certain period of time or years, because after a long period of high-speed operation, the air compressor main engine will appear the following problems:

1. Gap increasing: The direct consequence is that the compressor leakage increases during compression. And the compressed air volume of the exhaust machine decreases.

2. Wear increasing: With long-term and high-speed operation, wear is slowly increasing. Failure to take proper precautions for minor wear can easily lead to increased wear and damage and wear of other major components.

3. Component deformation: Air compressor main engine is the core compression component of compressors. The internal components of engines are in high temperature and high-pressure environment and coupled with the high-speed operation for a long time. After a period of time, there must be part of the phenomenon of deformation.

4. Damageable parts of the air compressor main engine mainly include the following parts: various gaskets, sealing ring and shaft oil seal, etc. Especially for the shaft oil seal, its service life ratio is greatly shortened for being in high temperature, high pressure, and high-speed operation environment for a long time.
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