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Function and Principle of Air Compressor Air Receiver

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Brief Introduction of air compressor air receiver:

Air compressor air receiver is a kind of industrial equipment commonly used for purifying and compressing air, and it is also one of the special safety equipment strictly supervised by the state. The air compressor air receiver is a pressure vessel, which is manufactured by the pressure vessel fixed-point factory. Each one is equipped with the vessel inspection certificate, safety valve, sewage valve and pressure gauge accessories. 

Function of the air compressor air receiver:

Air receivers can be used in parallel or single unit; it can weaken the gas pulsation from piston air compressor; improve the continuity and pressure stability of the output gas; further precipitate and separate the moisture and oil in compressed air; ensure continuous supply of sufficient gas. It can be used in parallel or single unit. 

Principle of the air compressor air receiver:

Moisture - Relative humidity in the atmosphere is generally over 65%. After compression and condensation, it becomes wet saturated air with a large number of liquid droplets. They are the fundamental cause of corrosion of equipment, pipes and valves. Ice in winter will also block the small holes in the pneumatic system. It is worth noting that even in pure saturated air, condensate water will be condensed as the temperature decreases, and the saturated water content will decrease by 50% when the temperature decreases by about 10 degrees, that is, half of the water vapor will be converted into liquid water droplets. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt multi-stage separation and filtration device in compressed air system or to pretreat compressed air into dry air with certain relative humidity.
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