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What Are Reasons of the Shutdown of the Screw Air Compressor? You Should Know!

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Many customers often ask the manufacturers of the electric screw air compressor why does their screw air compressor shut down. Today I will tell you about it.

1.The intake port of screw air compressor injects the oil during shutdown When the air compressor shuts down suddenly and does not open the exhaust valve in time to discharge the exhaust gas, the air inlet sprays cooling oil outward. At this time, we should first check whether the air inlet valve is malfunctioning and can not be closed normally. Secondly we should check whether the oil-cut solenoid valve is malfunctioning. If it is normal, the check valve on the main exhaust pipe should be further checked whether it can be closed in time or whether it is completely closed. If there is any malfunction, it should be eliminated.

2.Automatic shutdown of screw air compressor in operation There are two main reasons for the automatic tripping and shutdown of the machine in operation. First is the factors of power supply and grid. Because the machine itself has under-voltage protector, phase breaker protector, high-voltage protector and other safety protection devices. When the grid voltage is less than 90% of the rated voltage (380V), or when the phase sequence of the power supply is incorrect and the three-phase power supply is out of phase, it will automatically trip and shut down. Second is that the exhaust temperature is too high. It may be that there is lack of lubricant, and the cooler is blocked, or the temperature control valve fails to function properly, and so on.

3.The exhaust pressure of screw air compressor is too low First, check whether the intake valves are all open and whether the current is in the normal range. Then check whether there is an increase in the amount of useful gas outside, or whether there is a leak.

4.The temperature is too high This is the most common malfunction of screw air compressor, and I will explain it in detail here. The maximum exhaust temperature of screw air compressor is set at 120 C. When it reaches 110 degrees, the temperature warning light starts to flicker and the alarm will stop automatically when it exceeds 120 degrees.
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