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High Pressure Screw Air Compressor

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Lubricating oil is a very important working medium in high pressure screw air compressor, which should have high oxidation, high flash point, stability in high temperature, low flow resistance, cooling, noise reduction, lubrication and sealing functions. In the process of lubricating oil circulation, because of the high speed of the compressor and the fast cycling speed of the oil, the oil is easily aged under the high temperature conditions such as copper, iron and other metal catalysts. It is easy to form foam in high temperature stirring state. If the oil level is too high (when judging the oil level, it is best to operate under the condition of the air compressor loading. Observing the oil level gauge will be more accurate.), a large number of foam will enter the oil, so that the gas will increase through resistance, and fuel consumption will increase, which may even lead to high temperature and overload injection. The performance and quality of lubricating oil, as well as its service cycle, play a decisive role in the stable and reliable operation of the equipment. If used improperly, it can lead to serious high temperature of the compressor, even the main engine failure.

If the lubrication system is not cleaned for a long time, resulting in a drop in pressure, the actual performance will be insufficient air pressure, noise, high loss, which is mainly caused by the head of the air compressor colloid and dirt. Regular cleaning of lubrication system can protect air compressor, prolong its service life and reduce the failure rate of air compressor. The special cleaning fluid for air compressor can clean out the oil sludge and carbon deposit in the air compressor, restore the elasticity of screw machinery and restore cylinder pressure.
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