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Importance of Air Compressor Air Receiver in Post-treatment Equipment

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At the mention of the air compressor air receiver, we have to mention the post-processing equipment of the air compressor. So, what is the post-processing equipment of air compressor? Here's an explanation for you.

Refrigeration dryer is a compressed air dewatering and purifying equipment based on refrigeration principle. After cooling compressed air from upstream pipeline network containing a large amount of saturated water vapor, most of the vapor condenses into liquid water droplets, which are separated by vapor and water, and the dry compressed air obtained can meet the demand of most of the industrial requirement. Unlike the adsorption dryer, the freeze dryer can compress part of the oil mist in the air during the process of dewatering. Its pre-treatment requirement of compressing the air is not as strict as that of adsorption dryer. Freeze dryer has become the choice of air compressor purification equipment in all walks of life due to its reliable operation, convenient management and operating costs.

Air compressor air receiver is an important equipment in air system. There are usually several purposes for setting up air receiver:
The storage capacity, on the one hand, can solve the contradiction that the gas consumption may be larger than the gas supply in a short period of time. On the other hand, it can be used temporarily when the air compressor fails or other emergencies (such as power outage) take place 
To eliminate or weaken the pulsation of the output air flow of the piston air compressor, and to stabilize the pressure of the air source, and to ensure the continuous and stable output of air flow; 
Provide a larger system capacity, prolong the cycle of "start-stop" or "load-unload" of air compressor, and reduce the switching frequency of electrical equipment and valves. 
Further cool the air, separating and removing impurities such as moisture and oil pollution in compressed air, reducing the workload of other post-processing equipment downstream of pipeline network, so that all kinds of gas-using equipment can obtain the required quality of gas source. 
In addition, the small air compressor with its own air compressor air receiver is also used as the installation base of the air compressor body and other accessories.
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