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The Following Points should be paid attention to when Purchasing Industrial Rotary Screw Compressor

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1. When purchasing industrial rotary screw compressor, we only consider the low price, and it is found that the quality is too poor, the operation is unstable and the downtime is long, thus causing the loss of production line downtime.

2. When purchasing industrial rotary screw compressors, we only consider the stability of operation, ignoring the ratio of energy consumption, so the huge waste by the cumulative is caused. The purchase cost of equipment accounts for about 5-10%, the maintenance cost accounts for about 5-10%, and the power consumption cost accounts for about 80-90%. Therefore, when choosing and purchasing, the first thing to consider is the efficiency of the machine.

3. Operational stability and maintenance convenience are also important factors to be considered. After-sales service quality of suppliers, failure overhaul and inconvenience of spare parts procurement all cause unnecessary losses. Attention should be paid to the quality of after-sales service of suppliers.

a. The size and number of industrial rotary screw compressors need to be carefully calculated and determined.
b. Post-processing equipment is not as much as possible, but set according to the needs.
c. Machine rooms should be located in clean and well ventilated areas as far as possible.
d. Pipeline layout should minimize elbows, and the selection of joints and pipe diameters should also be reasonable.
e. Consider the occasions and conditions of gas use. If the use of air space is narrow (marine, automotive), it should be vertical type; if there is a change of the long distance in the use of air (more than 500 meters), it should consider mobile type; if the use of electricity can not be used, it should choose diesel engine-driven type; if there is no running water in the use of occasions, it must choose air-cooled type.
f. Consider the quality of the compressed air. Generally compressed air produced by compressors contains a certain amount of lubricating oil and water. In some cases, oil and water are forbidden. At this time, attention should be paid not only to the selection of compressors, but also to the addition of ancillary devices when necessary.

In conclusion, it is suggested that comprehensive consideration should be given to equipment efficiency, operation stability, maintenance convenience and after-sales service quality when planning the purchase and use of industrial rotary screw compressors, and professional equipment suppliers should be selected for overall planning.

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