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Selection and Advantages of Variable Frequency Air Compressor

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1. Variable frequency air compressor can reduce production loss

Variable frequency air compressor uses energy-saving control, it can monitor more than 20 parameters, current, voltage, speed, torque, electricity consumption at the same time. The system is highly intelligent, making the air system more stable and reliable, which reduces downtime and the loss of production.

2. Variable frequency air compressor can reduce noise

When the exhaust volume decreases, the speed of the motor slows down, and the noise of the air compressor is much less than that of the full-speed operation. The time of unloading operation is reduced, and the noise of emptying is also reduced. The advantages of variable frequency air compressor are really attractive. On the one hand, it reduces costs, energy conservation, environmental protection. On the other hand, its work efficiency is high and noise pollution is low. When choosing the variable frequency air compressor, we must make the details of energy saving clear and identify the brand, so as to avoid buying counterfeit products, which will cost  lots of loss.

3. Energy saving effect of variable frequency air compressor

The advantage of variable frequency air compressor is energy-saving, generally, its energy-saving is about 10% - 35%, the amount of energy-saving depends on the working conditions of air compressor and inverter parameters. The major factor is the working condition of the air compressor, when the customer's gas condition fluctuates greatly, its energy-saving effect is better. The direct data we can see is the proportion of the time of no-load to the total working time.

4. Maintenance cost reduction of variable frequency air compressor

Due to the use of energy-saving control system, the air compressor software startup reduces the electrical impact on the electrical components of the motor. The small starting current makes the life of the motor contactor prolonged. Software startup of the air compressor reduces the mechanical impact on the equipment, and  motor bearings, main engine bearings and gearboxes all extend the service life.

Energy-saving controller controls the air compressor in most time in the loading state, all kinds of related solenoid valves and pneumatic components have greatly reduced the number of actions, so both electrical and mechanical parts of the failure rate is greatly reduced. The cost and labor cost of replacement parts are maintained. In addition, the frequency converter control device makes the air compressor in the loading state for most time, and the air inlet filter has been in the state of forward filtering. The air filter is in the state of reverse filtering when unloading, so the use of frequency converter greatly reduces the time of reverse filtering of the inlet filter and prolongs the service time of the filter element.
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