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The Application Field of Screw Air Compressor

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First, general machinery processing industry:
1. The use of their own production, including: boiler, pressure vessel manufacturing industry; oxygen machine, automobile industry; metallurgy, mining machinery manufacturing; electric power machinery manufacturing industry; chemical machinery, environmental protection machinery, Construction machinery, textile machinery, light industry machinery, dyeing and finishing machinery, knitting machinery, plastic machinery, food machinery, and other types of machinery products manufacturing;
2. Supporting industries: spraying machinery, environmental protection machinery, boilers, knitting machinery, large asphalt mixing machinery, CNC machine tools.
Second, the wood furniture industry:
1. Wood, wood, plywood, all kinds of floor production enterprises;
2. All kinds of furniture, furniture manufacturing enterprises;
3. Sofa, mattress manufacturing enterprises;
Third, the general parts manufacturing industry:
1. Bearing manufacturing enterprises;
2. Valve manufacturing enterprises;
3. Chain, spring manufacturing enterprises;
4. Standard parts, fasteners, seals manufacturing enterprises;
5. Various types of automobile, motorcycle accessories manufacturing enterprises;
Four, hardware building materials industry:
1. All kinds of metal products processing enterprises;
2. Foam color plate production enterprises
3. All kinds of ceramic production enterprises
4. Cement and products, pipe piles and other production enterprises;
5. All kinds of decoration and decoration materials production enterprises;
Fifth, the electronics industry
Six, textile knitting industry:
1. All kinds of chemical fiber polyester production enterprises
2. All kinds of Ribbon, Hosiery enterprises;
3. Printing and dyeing, dyeing and finishing, dyeing enterprises;
Seven, daily necessities manufacturing enterprises:
1. Enamel products manufacturing enterprises;
2. Watches and clocks, glasses products manufacturing enterprises;
3. All kinds of bicycle production enterprises;
4. Sewing machine manufacturing enterprises;
5. Glass products manufacturing enterprises;
6. Then chain, buttons, luggage manufacturing enterprises;
7. Leather, down products manufacturing enterprises;
8. Carpet weaving enterprises;
Eight, medical enterprises:
1. All kinds of medical equipment manufacturing enterprises
2. All kinds of health supplies production enterprises
Nine, paper printing and packaging industry:
1. All kinds of paper mills;
2. Printing plant
3. All kinds of packaging and packaging materials production enterprises
4. Printing cans, household containers manufacturing enterprises;
Ten, governance gold casting, metal processing industry:
1. All kinds of gold, mining enterprises;
2. Casting, forging enterprises;
3. Metal processing, sheet metal processing enterprises;
4. Various types of tools, molds and metal surface treatment enterprises;
11, all kinds of household appliances manufacturing enterprises
12, all kinds of instrumentation manufacturing enterprises

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