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How to Select Oil Free Rotary Air Compressor

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The basic principle of selecting oil free rotary air compressor is the economy, reliability and safety. The higher the pressure is, the greater the power consumption is. The pressure drop caused by the diameter and length of the piping shall be taken into account, together with the pressure at which the service pressure is the lowest limit. List the operating pressures of various types of machines. If there is too many differences in the operating pressures, air compressors with different pressures should be purchased or use the turbochargers. Pressure usage should not be reduced, and electricity expenditure should be minimized. Exhaust volume is one of the main parameters of air compressor. The selection of air volume should consider such factors as gas cycle, maximum air volume at the tip, gas storage capacity, possible leakage and future expansion plan.

The selection of oil free rotary air compressor should be matched with the required exhaust volume, generally leaving a 10% - 20% margin. If the air volume is large and the air compressor exhaust volume is small, the exhaust pressure of the air compressor will be greatly reduced when the pneumatic tools start, but the pneumatic tools can not be driven. Of course, it is also wrong to pursue large exhaust capacity blindly, because the larger the exhaust capacity is, the larger the motor allocated by the compressor, not only having the higher the price, but also causing a waste of purchasing funds, and the use of electricity and energy will be wasted.

The air compressor is a heating equipment, and the ventilation of the compressor room is very important. All kinds of corrosive gases, inflammable and explosive gases are not allowed in the environment; the surrounding of the machine should be kept clean and clean up unnecessary and obstructive articles, especially those that are inflammable and explosive. Maintenance space should be reserved around the air compressor and passages sufficient should be reserved for parts to enter and exit during maintenance. The distance between the air compressor and the wall should be more than one meter, and the top should be more than two meters higher than the compressor, which is convenient for heat dissipation and lifting. Install cranes to facilitate maintenance. Especially for high-power compressors, this is even more necessary.

The safety of compressor operation should be considered. Oil free rotary air compressor is a kind of machine working under pressure, which is accompanied by temperature rise and pressure, and its safety should be put in the first place.

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  • TEL:+86-021-67150020
  • FAX:+86-021-67150020
  • ADDRESS:No.28 Minta Road, Songjiang District Shanghai, China