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Exhaust Loss of Screw Compressor

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First, the inhalation state of screw compressor:

Screw compressor is a volumetric compressor with constant gas absorption volume. When the suction temperature increases or the suction pressure decreases due to the excessive resistance of the suction pipeline, the gas density decreases, and accordingly the exhaust volume of the screw compressor decreases.

Second, the speed of screw compressor equipment:

The exhaust volume of screw compressor is proportional to the rotational speed, and the rotational speed often varies with the voltage and frequency of the power grid. When the voltage or frequency decreases, the speed will decrease, which will reduce the exhaust volume of screw compressor.

Third, cooling effects of screw compressor:

In the process of compression, the temperature of the gas will rise, and the temperature of the rotor and the casing will rise accordingly. Therefore, in the process of suction, the gas will expand due to the heating of the rotor and the casing, so the suction capacity will be reduced accordingly. Oil cooling is used in the rotor of screw air compressor, and water cooling is used in the casing. One of the purposes is to reduce the temperature of screw air compressor. When the cooling effect is not good, the temperature rises and the exhaust volume of screw compressor decreases.

Fourth, gas leakage of screw compressor:

There is no contact between the rotors and between the rotors and the outer shell during operation, and there is a certain gap, so gas leakage will occur. When the pressure rises and the gas leaks through the gap to the suction pipe and the suction groove, the exhaust volume will decrease. In order to reduce leakage, sealing teeth are made on the top of driven rotor teeth, and sealing grooves are opened on the root of active rotor teeth, and ring or strip sealing teeth are machined on the end face. If these seals are worn out, the leakage will increase, so these factors should be taken into account in maintenance.
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