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How to test Compressor Compression Efficiency Accurately
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How to test Compressor Compression Efficiency Accurately

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For the air compressor efficiency test, the use of orifice flow meter to measure the efficiency of an air compressor job steps:

1. Detailed inspection and record of the data, compressed air pressure level, cooling water temperature, water pressure and other information.

2. According to the size of the pipeline to choose orifice plate flow meter size, and identify other auxiliary materials and issues.

3. Turn off the air compressor before testing.

4. Close the compressed air line vent valve.

5. Open the lower exhaust valve of the accumulator and exhaust the gas in the accumulator to reduce the pressure to atmospheric pressure.

6. Install the orifice plate flow meter on the pipe.

7. Do power quality analyzer before the test wiring.

8. orifice plate flowmeter installation of pressure gauges, and all the valves reset.

9. Start air compressor, manually set the exhaust pressure to the rated working pressure of the air compressor, keep the pressure steady for more than 5 to 8 minutes, in order to facilitate accurate measurement of efficiency.

10. Adjust the orifice group flow meter valve in a flow value.

11. Record the temperature, pressure, motor power, power factor, CFM value of the orifice plate before compressed air outlet (see table below).

12. Repeat steps 10 through 11 multiple times, where common pressure values must be tested.

13. Shutdown, turn off air compressor power, and remove the precision power quality analyzer.

14. Air barrel pressure gauge reduced to 0kg / cm2G, then remove the orifice group flowmeter.
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