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The Main Function of Air Treatment or Post-processing Equipment

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What are the main functions and functions of air compressor air treatment equipment? In the air compressor system, in addition to the need for air compressors to produce compressed air, but also the need for post-processing equipment to cool, dry and clean the air. In general, commonly used air compressor post-processing equipment are gas cylinders, filters and dryers.

1, the main function of the gas tank:

Compressed air from the air compressor can not be put into production immediately, need to use the storage tank temporarily. The main function of the tank is to buffer, cool, remove water, remove oil. Air through the gas tank when the high-speed air strikes the tank wall to produce confluence, in the gas tank so that the rapid decline in temperature, so that a lot of water vapor liquefaction, thus removing a lot of water and oil.

2, the main function of the front filter:

As the air in the air contains many solid particles, oil molecules, dust and impurities. After the compressed air, which solid particles and other impurities and other concentrations will be greatly increased, this time, need to use the front filter to purify the compressed air. The main function of the pre-filter is to remove part of the liquid water, oil and particles larger than 1μm in diameter. Regardless of its back-end drying equipment using other shell and tube dry and dry or cold-type cold and dry machine, pre-filter are necessary, otherwise, once the pipe rust and other particles into the evaporator, will greatly reduce Cold and dry machine work efficiency, and even damage the evaporator.

3, the main function of the dryer:

Compressed air contains a large amount of particles and impurities, but also contains a lot of water molecules. The main function of the dryer is to remove the water molecules in the compressed air, the compressed air water content to the required range (ie ISO8573.1 required dew point value).

4, the main function of the rear filter:

Remove the oil mist concentration in the compressed air to a higher u standard, and remove more than 0.01 microns of particulate matter and oil content greater than 0.003 PPM (normally, the rear filter is almost no liquid water discharge, if any, It indicates that there is a problem with the soda separator or drain valve inside the dryer).
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