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Working Principle of Variable Frequency Air Compressor

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The variable frequency air compressor and the fan motor pump save the same electricity, and according to the load change, the input voltage frequency is controlled, which can maintain the stability of the parameters such as pressure, flow rate and temperature, thereby greatly improving the working performance of the compressor. It is a topic we care about whether we can apply the variable frequency speed control technology in the air supply field of air compressors, saving energy and improving the performance of air compressors as well as the quality of gas supply.

Since the speed of the air compressor motor is in a one-time relationship with the actual power consumption of the air compressor, reducing the motor speed will reduce the actual power consumption. The variable frequency air compressor is a pressure sensor that senses the actual air pressure and air volume in the system. Through the precise matching of electrical control and variable frequency control, the motor speed (ie output power) is instantly controlled without changing the torque of the air compressor motor (ie, the ability to drag the load), and the system pressure is responded to by changing the compressor speed. The change and maintain a stable system pressure (setting point) to achieve high quality compressed air on demand output. When the system consumes less air, the compressed air provided by the compressor is greater than the system consumption. The variable frequency compressor will reduce the speed and reduce the output compressed air volume; otherwise, increase the motor running speed and increase the compressed air volume to maintain a stable system pressure. .
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