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What are the advantages of VSD air compressor?

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1, energy efficient and environmentally friendly:

VSD air compressor energy-saving rate of high energy-saving rate is the user in the purchase of the machine is very important point, the current inverter air compressor in the highest energy-saving rate of up to 29.5%, which is a very high energy-saving rate, energy saving Efficiency to industry-leading, such a saving rate in foreign countries only a few companies can do.

2, maintenance costs greatly reduced:

Air compressor operating costs = initial procurement costs + maintenance costs + energy consumption costs.

Inverter air compressor in the run-time impact on the machine equipment is very small, so the damage to the machine is also very small, it will reduce the maintenance of air compressor maintenance and maintenance costs.

3, to extend the service life of air compressor:

To extend the life of the inverter air compressor, the frequency of the air compressor in the start is almost zero start and run very smooth when there is no great shock.

4, to improve the operation of the transformer and power grid:

Ordinary air compressor unit will start when the current fluctuations, which will affect the entire power grid and other equipment, electricity, inverter air compressor unit with a smooth start mode, the operation will not occur current fluctuations, which can improve the transformer And the operation of the power grid.
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  • ADDRESS:No.28 Minta Road, Songjiang District Shanghai, China