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Classification of Lubricating Oil for High Pressure Air Compressor and Its Blackening Truth

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Generally speaking, we classify high pressure air compressor lubricants into three categories: mineral oil, semi-synthetic oil and total synthetic oil. The following is an introduction to it:

Mineral oil: Petroleum and aviation oil are fractionated from the process of petroleum extraction, and the remaining oil is processed again to extract mineral oil. Mineral oil is not recommended in low temperature areas because the refined mineral oil contains impurities and has a high flow point.

Semi-synthetic oil: It is purified by adding hydrogen fission technology to mineral oil. Its ratio of intermediate mineral oil to total synthetic oil is 4:6. Semi-synthetic oil has lower purity than total synthetic oil, higher purity than mineral oil and higher cost than mineral oil.

Total synthetic oil: it belongs to high-grade oil products, and is a better component in crude oil refining, which does a series of chemicals reactions to make into lubricants made up by the macromolecule, with strong thermal stability, oxidation resistance, viscosity changes.

The lubricating oil of high pressure air compressor turns black:

Some users reacted that the high pressure air compressor lubricant had been used for a period of time, and the oil turned black when the service life had not yet reached, believing that they had purchased inferior compressor oil. This statement is not entirely correct, but it is only one of the reasons for blackening. Purchase of high-quality lubricants, for various reasons, will also make it black. The lubricating oil of high pressure air compressor turns black as follows:

1. High temperature. High temperature is one of the natural enemies of air compressor, which can cause fatal damage to it. Oil oxidizes with other substances in machines operating at high temperatures, producing insoluble substances in the long run.
the macromolecule, with strong thermal stability, oxidation resistance, viscosity changes.

2. Dust. There is dust in the atmosphere. If the filter is not effective when inhaling, a large amount of dust will enter the system. After continuous accumulation, it will enter the oil pipeline and mix with oil.

3. Carbon deposition. Operators neglect daily management and maintenance, and periodically clean the equipment. Once the running temperature rises, the machine is prone to a large amount of carbon deposition.

Note: Compressor oil does not exceed the use time, but the quality of the oil becomes black. It must be replaced immediately before it can be put into production again, otherwise, it will cause damage to the equipment.

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